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March is National Nutrition Month!

We all know kids watch everything we do, and that they mimic those behaviors. So, if we want our kids to eat healthy and be active, we have to set the example first. March is National Nutrition Month, so we’re gonna take a look at how we can improve our nutrition and how to set that example for the little…

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Basics of Diabetes

1 in 10 Adults in the United States lives with Diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that affects if the body can produce insulin. In Type 1 Diabetes, the body loses the ability to produce insulin on it’s own. With Type 2 Diabetes, the body still produces insulin, it just is not able to process it or use it effectively.  …

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DIY Compost

No matter where you live it is possible to reduce your waste by creating a compost area. Not only will you be sending less trash to a landfill, but you can have some great fertilizer and soil for your plants this coming spring!   No matter if you are in an apartment with no yard, or you have a house…

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