Dr. Harvey I. Sloane Patient Assistance Fund


Dr. Harvey Sloane advocated for the development of a multi-disciplinary Neighborhood Health Center, funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity, which opened in 1968 in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was the first Center of its type in Kentucky. Dr. Sloane and other community activists saw a need for medical care in the severely underserved West End of Louisville, KY, and this vision became a reality with Dr. Sloane as the center’s first CEO. Under Dr. Sloane’s leadership, the Neighborhood Health Center also developed the first public ambulance service in Louisville, KY.  Dr. Sloane went on to become Mayor of Louisville, serving for 2 terms from 1973-1977 and 1982-1986.

Dr. Harvey I. Sloane

Dr. Harvery I. Sloane, Park DuValle Community Health Center’s first CEO

The Dr. Harvey Sloane Patient Assistance Fund was created to continue the efforts of PDCHC’s beloved founder. Each year Park DuValle CHC performs more than $4 Million in uncompensated care services which cannot be afforded by patients. This fund will help Park DuValle patients continue to receive high-quality health care including medications. Each donation goes directly to help patients obtain care. Even though low-income patients are eligible for sliding fee scale discounted services based on income and family size, sometimes the very nominal fees charged by the health center can prove to be a barrier to care.  This is especially true for the costs incurred when patients have multiple medications which may be obtained via PDCHC’s 340B discount pharmacy.  Although a thirty-day supply of medications may be as low as $4, patients with more than one medication may “pick and choose” which medication to fill based on what they can afford at the time. Behavioral Health patients and individuals with Substance Use Disorders may not have the means to pay for this frequently used and high-demand service.

Dr. Harvey Sloane speaking at the PDCHC 50th Anniversary Gala
Dr. Harvey I. Sloane speaking at the PDCHC 50th Anniversary Gala

The Dr. Harvey I. Sloane Patient Assistance Fund will help patients to be compliant with their treatment plans and not have to choose between needed medications or other health care needs and basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing.  At PDCHC, “We’re All About Caring”, and Dr. Sloane’s legacy will always help us to express that value in tangible ways to vulnerable populations.

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