Keeping Healthy for Back to School

Kids going back to school has been a big topic the last few weeks. Whether your child is starting classes in person or online there are a few things you can do to help keep you and your family safe.

Practice Hand Washing – FREQUENTLY

There are lots of surfaces at school where kids can pick up germs, like door handles, pencil sharpeners or water fountains. Make sure your little ones know to wash their hands before they eat or drink, and anytime they cough or sneeze. It is also important to make sure that kiddos know how to wash their hands properly: warm water, soap and at least 30 seconds. Work with younger kids to make sure they are as healthy as possible in school.

Find a Comfortable Mask that Fits Properly

Most masks are made for adult faces. This means that they don’t fit properly on a child’s face and don’t protect the way they should. Getting your child a mask that they can wear comfortably will help make sure they keep it on throughout the school day. If possible, get them one that they are excited about so there is no sharing or switching!

Stay Home if you Feel Ill

Even if it’s just the sniffles, it is especially important this year to make sure that you and your little ones stay home if they are not feeling well. Sending your child to school when they are sick means that there is a much higher chance of them spreading their illness to someone else. If possible, you can also take your child’s temperature before heading out the door.

Don’t Share Masks or Food!

We all know kids love to share and trade. In fact, we often encourage it. But this year is different. Make sure your child understands that they cannot share food, drink or masks because they may get sick.

Opt for Distance Learning if your Child is High-Risk

If you or your child are considered high-risk it is worth looking into a distance or online learning option. Minimizing your risk of getting sick by also minimizing contact with others. While it may not be the favorite choice, it can definitely be the healthiest.

No matter if your child is starting school online or in-person, it is good to prep them for when they do go back to class. Making healthy habits now can keep them safe not only this school year, but for a lifetime too.

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