Free Online Activities to do with Your Kids

We’ve been stuck at home so long now that you’ve done everything you can think of to keep your kiddos entertained. Great news is there are plenty of free things online that you can do with your kids. Whether its a science experiment or a virtual day at the zoo there is bound to be something your kiddo will enjoy.

Experiments for you to do with you kids, using materials you probably already have! Great way to keep kids engaged and learning.

The San Diego Zoo has live stream of their animals

So does the Georgia Aquarium

For little ones ABCMouse has a 30 day free trial and 50% off a yearly subscription

SmartKids Launch Pad is a tool that helps parents teach life lessons like money management

Get a library card and use your Kindle App or the Libby App to borrow ebooks from your local library

Plenty of chefs are doing nightly family cooking classes on YouTube and Twitter. Pick your favorite and cook along!

Know of a free online resource you can share? Let us know about it in the comments!!

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