Follow My Health: Common Problems & Solutions

Follow My Health is a wonderful tool that can be used to keep you informed about your health. Follow My Health links your medical record to your secure username and allows you to view your medical records and upcoming appointments, message your provider, view lab and test results and more.

Here is a list of common problems, and possible fixes for Follow My Health:

Forgot Password

If you have forgotten your password, you will need your Follow My Health username. Click the “Forgot Your Password?” Link at the bottom of the page.

Enter your username and wait for your email with your unique code. Enter the code and reset your password.

Forgot Your Username

If you have forgotten your username you will need to reset it before you can gain access to your account. Click on the “Forgot Your Username?” link on the bottom of the page.

Enter the required information to find your Follow My Health account.

Choose a method of retrieval; Otherwise choose “I don’t see an option that will work” and click continue.

Wait for either the text message or email with your retrieval information. If you do not have a way into your account you can send an email to to get assistance.

Email saying I have been “Removed from Queue”

If you have received an email saying that you have been removed from the queue you either 1) Are not a registered patient at the medical facility requested or 2) Already have an account, you cannot reconnect after you have set up your account. You will need to either reset your username or password to gain access to your account.

Do Not See Test Results

This is because either the provider has not released the results, or the results are not in yet. If you believe your results should be in, but do not see them, the best thing to do is to call your provider.

My Request for my child was denied

Children cannot have their “own” account until the age of 18. Until that time they must be set as a child under a parent/guardian proxy. Multiple children can be added to a single log in so that parents can see all their children’s information in one location.

If you would like to set up a proxy account for your child, please ask for a Follow My Health Registration Card in the pediatrics department or email to get started.

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