On Tuesday, February 11, 2020 Park DuValle Community Health Center (PDCHC), in partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS), opened the first of two school based health centers set to open this year. The first, located inside Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP) High School, celebrated the opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by members of both PDCHC and JCPS.

The center, funded and operated by PDCHC, will offer medical services such as primary care, sick visits, immunizations, mental health, and more to students, faculty and staff of PRP. In August, the center will start offering routine dental services as well. The center’s goal is to open these services up to the cluster schools as well in the future.

Later this month, PDCHC will open the second school based health center in Central High School.

Ms. Shantelle Simpson, COO of PDCHC said “I was so excited to start this venture with JCPS. After Ms. Hagan [CEO of PDCHC] and I visited with other health centers that run school-based sites, we saw it as an opportunity for Park DuValle to really make a difference.” She, along with the other members of the PDCHC executive team, have been working for the last year to make this idea a reality.

Park DuValle at PRP has already seen their first patients as students stopped in yesterday for treatment before and after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

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