It’s A HOT One

If you haven’t heard the next 4 days in Louisville and the surrounding areas are going to be HOT! Not only is the temperature going to be in the high 90s, but the heat index is going to push 100, with high humidity this can be a recipe for disaster if not taken seriously. Here are some ways to stay cool when the temperature is up.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water! While things like soda and juice may taste good and may make you feel better for a moment, but there is no replacing straight water. Juice and soda have lots of sugar which means they can actually make you more dehydrated. If you are really feeling the effects of the heat, drink water at room temperature, this is easier for your body to process.

Enjoy the Great Indoors

While most of the time we are wanting to get outside and enjoy everything the world has to offer, when it gets this hot, it is best to stay inside when you can. Enjoy the air conditioning and stay cool. Being outside will be miserable anyway. This is especially true for the elderly and infants since it is harder for them to regulate their temperature.

Be Careful in the Water

While you’d like to think that hanging in the pool or on the lake might help keep you cool, you may not realize how hard your body is working until much later. If you are set on going to the water park this weekend, take breaks inside as often as possible.

Remember Your Pets

Your dogs, cats and other pets get hot too! Especially those with fur. Make sure they have plenty of access to clean drinking water, and bring them inside. If it is too hot for you it is too hot for them.

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