Growing Dinner: Maintaining Your Garden

So your plants have been in the ground for a few weeks now. Hopefully you’ve seen some growth, but more than likely you’ve run into a few issues. Whether it is holes in plants, browning or yellowing of the leaves, or something else, there are some basic things to know when trying to maintain your garden.

First listen to your plant. If your leaves are soggy feeling and yellow, it means the plant is getting too much water. Mulch around your plants can help them to maintain a healthy water level. If you are still having this problem even with mulch, try watering less often. However if the leaves are crunchy and brown you are dealing with too much sun and not enough water. Most plants will come with a tab that will tell you how much sun/water they need. For best results, try to follow these instructions.

You may also have noticed some holes in your plants. These are most likely little bugs having your plants as a snack. Some, like the Tomato Horn Worm can devour an entire tomato plant in a matter of hours! Depending on your preference, you can simply remove the little bugs daily, or you can use a spray to try and keep them away. Do research before putting andy sort of bug pray on plants to make sure they are safe for food.

Tomato Horn Worm

If all goes well you should start seeing fruits and veggies coming in soon if you haven’t already. If not, learn form your mistakes and try again next year. FYI: Tomato plants are very hardy plants and can go through a LOT and still survive.

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