Back to School: JCPS

Less than a week and a half left parents, the kiddos are going back to school. For those of you in Louisville, JCPS goes back on Wednesday, August 15, 2018. That’s only about a week away!


Before you send the kiddos off to school you need to make sure they’re ready. Bus Numbers to and from school, where the bus stop is, what school supplies you need, uniforms, the list goes on and on.


We’ve gathered up some links and some other information so you can find it all in one place. We want every child to have a great first day!!


JCPS Bus Finder: Use this link to find bus numbers as well as bus stop locations and bus pick up times. Your bus information may have changed from last year!


Orientations and Open House: This link gives you a list of all the school’s open house info and orientation dates and times. Some of these this week so make sure you know when your school is having theirs.


Back to School (JCPS): JCPS has put almost all the important links for the start of the school year in one place. Find school supply lists, as well as the links listed above and so much more here. This is a great place to get started on back to school info.


School Menu: Want to know what there is to eat this week? Find a complete menu for every JCPS school (breakfast and lunch) here.


There are tons of organizations giving away free school supplies this week. If you need some school supplies check with your neighbors to see if they know of any back to school events. Some of these events are also doing school uniform give aways too!! We hope everyone has a healthy start to the school year!

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