Medicaid Update Part 2: My Rewards and Deductibles

Last time we talked about the changes coming to vision and dental coverage under medicaid, as well as the newly imposed premiums. This time, we’re taking a look at the My Rewards Program and Deductibles.


Since vision and dental will no longer be conventionally covered with medicaid, the My Rewards Program is designed to help pay for those services. By completing things like routine health exams, job training, education,  or community related activities you can earn money for your account. The My Rewards Account can then be used to pay for non-covered services like dental and vision.


Next, is the new deductible system. Medicaid participants will now be set up with a deductible account that contains $1,000. Each time you need to pay a non-preventative service, like a co-pays or prescription, it will come from this account. There is no need to add money to this account, it is simply to show the cost of healthcare.


If there are any funds left at the end of the year, there is an option to move 50% of the remaining funds to your My Rewards Account. This means you can add more money to your account for things like vision and dental services.


REMINDER: If you need vision or dental services, or have not been seen in 2018 and are on Medicaid, make an appointment with your provider ASAP! Coverage will be gone July 1, make sure you make your appointment before June 30.


If you have questions about Medicaid coverage changes, please call our Outreach and Enrollment Department at 502-772-5038.

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