Spring into Sunshine!

Summer is right around the corner, the warm sun on your face, the cool waters of Kentucky Kingdom calling your name, annnnnd the risk of skin cancer.

The sun is no joke, it can be very harmful for unprotected skin. Keeping covered, staying in the shade, and wearing sun screen can all protect your skin from the damage that the sun can cause.

Babies and children are especially vulnerable to sun damage. Their skin is extra sensitive. It is important to keep young children in clothing that will protect their skin. Wide brimmed hats can also help protect the face and eyes from damaging UV rays.



While adults and teenagers skin is not as vulnerable it is still important to wear sunscreen. Everyone should be wearing sunscreen every time they walk outside. Especially when around water. The water can not only rinse off sunscreen if it was not properly applied, but it can also reflect the sun’s rays and cause even more damage.

When looking for sunscreen, the CDC recommends using at least SPF 30 for consistent protection and reapplying every few hours. Using a broad spectrum sunscreen will help protect you from most of the suns harmful UV rays.



Wearing sunglasses is also important. Not only will it protect your eyes from sun damage, but it will help protect the skin around your eyes as well. Sun damage has been shown to make wrinkles worse or appear sooner, so protect your youthful look and wear your sunglasses! Wearing sunglasses can also help reduce your risk of cataracts.

In addition to sunscreen it is important to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated can help keep your skin healthy and in the event that you do burn, it can help you recover faster. Remember, water is best! Drinking sodas can actually make you feel dehydrated faster.

Finding shade is one of the best things you can do during long periods outdoors. Keeping you and your family out of direct sunlight will mean you can enjoy the day longer without having to worry (as much) about the harm the sun is doing to your body.

No matter what your plans are this summer, make sure you protect yourself from the sun. Any amount of protection helps, especially when it comes to young children.



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